Top 61 Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way brands advertise their products and services to consumers. With around 4 billion active Internet users worldwide by 2022, it will be useful for you to be aware of your brand’s personality and unique sales points online.

With only 50 agencies in 2011, the number of digital marketing agencies in India has increased dramatically over the past decade.

Finding the best digital marketing agency in India for your brand by 2022 is like finding a needle in a haystack.

 61 Social Media Marketing Agencies

Communication Crafts

Communication Crafts is an end-to-end digital marketing agency based in Ahmedabad. They are experienced professionals with 16+ years of experience, offering video production and digital marketing services under one roof.


Modern Advertising, Communication and Design Digital Marketing Agency in India, which focuses on creating digital platforms to provide a flawless online retail experience.


Bleap Integrated Marketing Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency based in India. It enables businesses to succeed globally with their creative marketing skills and web development solutions

The Social people

Founded in 2011, TheSocialPeople is a social media marketing and strategic company headquartered in Chennai, which helps brands establish their business through content marketing, digital marketing, brand positioning and more.


Dselva works with a number of technologies including web development, ecommerce services and more.

Traffic digital

Traffic Digital has been gaining experience for over a decade. They rely heavily on research and analysis to achieve the best results for their clients.

Neil Patel Digital

Founded in 2016, Neil Patel Digital is a digital marketing agency that has dominated the SEO and marketing industry for over 3 years.

Brand story

Founded in 2014, BrandStory is one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangalore.

Rank frog

RankFrog is an end-to-end digital marketing agency. They create digital experiences for brands around the world.

Konvert Klicks

Their bench-marked solutions are regarded highly in the digital marketing landscape and media. They give clients an edge with their main focus in SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email and Web Development.

Prelude Digital

They use a strategy that blends content with technology, helping your business make deeper connections.

Ratna Technology

Ratna Technology’s digital marketing strategy is built on a foundation that drives measurable results.

Digi fame

Digi Fame is a team of energetic team that operates in a very innovative way. They focus on the latest technology to deliver businesses to the edge they hold.

PPC Champ

With many years of experience, PPC Champ has provided solutions to various business problems over time.

SEO Yogies

It was set up in 2005, in the clean years, with the best experience supporting SEO Yogies. They work with many companies across the country.


Lesburn was founded in 2016. It focuses on global marketing including Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.


Hashbrown is bringing social media to the streets, which means they believe it should be accessible to everyone.

Digitally Scrambled

Digitally Scrambled focuses on digital marketing that yields returns on investment. They determine the ROI in the order of leads, sales and results; It’s not just about what they see.

Social Panga

With offices in different parts of the country, Community Partner aims to create an online marketing presence and be unique.


DigiOrbite is proud to be a partner in online development for its customers. They provide all kinds of digital solutions that work closely with the customer team, ensuring that their information is communicated in an innovative way.

Digital Catalyst

Founded in 2015, Digital Catalyst is a 360 degree digital marketing agency based in Hyderabad that helps businesses build their brand value, enhance their vision and create flagships using the latest digital trends and technologies.

Social DNA

Social DNA is a digital media marketing company in India with a passion for social and digital marketing. They express the best when setting the customer’s brand.


Clickonix was founded in 2015 and enables all types of companies, from small to large, to find and recognize a place online.

We Hype

We hype, as the name implies, hype brands online and make them stand out from the clutter of the online space.


Creativebit focuses on providing all kinds of solutions to serve the digital marketing needs of customers.

Digimark India

Digimark India helps its customers create a space on digital platforms using their innovation and creativity.


iTruth will create a website design with content for you and their best SEO and PPC solutions will promote the value of your products and your business to the right people in the right way.

Sparcs Digital

SPARCS is a digital marketing agency based in India, providing high quality, reliable and affordable services to our customers worldwide.


It features a team of innovative, focused and motivated individuals who aim to take digital marketing to the next level by capturing hitherto unexplored areas of the advertising market.

People Infinity

Digital marketing is their passion. Provide companies with customized digital marketing solutions tailored to their business, company size and their needs.

Digital witches

Digital Jugglers is an initiative of Crazybrand Bazaar Private that provides an integrated, full-service approach to digital branding architecture and marketing strategy.

Digital Jugglers

Digital Jugglers is an initiative of Crazybrand Bazaar Private, which provides an integrated, full-service approach to digital branding architecture and marketing strategy.

Digital Nawab

Digital Nawab brings development hacking solutions to customers to ensure customers get the best solutions for their digital solutions.

The Digital Coder

Founded in 2017, Digital Coder is a web design and development company that provides online marketing services to build brands online.


Founded in 2015, SocioDNA is a social media marketing consultancy that provides its customers with social media and digital marketing services with dedicated efforts to achieve the brand’s marketing objectives.

Ad Inn Digital

With over 150 happy customers, Ad Inn Digital uses the latest technology to deliver solutions to their customer’s digital marketing needs.

Jujubee Media

Support with a team of talented, creative, professionals; Jujubee offers innovative and creative ideas for customer marketing needs.


Founded in 2015, HostZyro is a web design and digital marketing company in India that helps people to start a digital business and run their ventures successfully.


Aquila SEO India is a digital marketing agency that seeks to learn and apply new digital techniques to be at the forefront of digital landscaping.

Fruit Bowl Digital

With offices around the world, Fruit Bowl Digital ensures that all different markets are provided for their digital and branding services.


Established since 2015, Digichef has grown in terms of customer business objectives after a detailed study of customers.

dConsumerI MediaTech

It is a global digital marketing company. It is a combination of digital marketing advice and education that they use to bring advanced, high quality marketing strategies and tactics into service.

Ivizion Technology

It is also one of the exciting digital marketing companies in India that can adapt to the specific needs of its customers.

Mighty Magpie

Mighty Magpie is Google Street View’s trusted digital marketing agency in India. They offer online solutions.

Digital Marketing Studio

With two years of experience, Digital Marketing Studio has more than 500 successful projects. The team is enthusiastic and creative.


Olive is the powerhouse of the Internet and digital marketing solutions. Give your company an advantage over others by using digital solutions provided by Olive.

Dignitas Digital

Founded in 2011 by Ivy League graduates, Diginidas Digital was founded with the aim of bringing advanced digital technologies to enable small and medium businesses to grow digitally and achieve set ROI.


With an experienced web development team and affidavit digital marketing strategies, we have a number of efforts to deliver digital solutions ranging from A to Z to roll the ball into your business.


Founded in 2011, Mamysys is a diversified IT company providing IT, automation, ADM and digital marketing services.

Digital Factory

Digital Factory in Pondicherry is a Inbound digital marketing agency based in India. They focus on providing innovative solutions that help their customers grow their businesses.



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