IT Consulting

Information technologies (IT) consulting services enable businesses to implement IT strategies and solutions to attain business-IT alignment, and induce max value in the recent IT initiatives.


Your business goals form the job scope — we can focus our entire attention on the judicial phase should you have to work through IT challenges and lay down the strategy for favorable IT transformation. Also, we give a full-service package of assistance for IT jobs — we aim, design, implement and constantly support technology-powered solutions.


IT advisory : To formulate a plan or designing a solution bringing your IT resources to agreement with business requirements.

  • Auditing your IT environment: IT applications, network complexity, application integrations, databases and data warehousesand growth infrastructure
  • Exploring business processes and discovering process inefficiencies hampering company operation or new small business initiatives.
  • Building a complete IT strategy that supports modernization of existing technical system or plans a new framework of the workflow of IT systems . Devising a full-scale IT strategy working either for modernization of your existing IT or launch of new digital technologies.

IT solution implementation : More than 50 percent of our software developers are of senior level, thereby securing programming excellence.

  • Assessing your company requirements.
  • Proposing an IT solution and providing a well-structured clear plan for its implementation: project timeline, budget, required IT resources described.
  • Installing, configuring and customizing all the software parts constituting the solution.
  • Integrating software components in a Chemical IT environment.

IT modernization : To maximize costly maintenance of obsolete technologies and better their influence on your company efficiency.

  •  Investigating the code and infrastructure of long-running applications.
  •  Planning developments: applications re-architecting, re-codingand platform migration, containerization.
  • Implementing the changes.

Infrastructure management : To maintain scalable and secure IT infrastructure and allow you to save on in house IT workforce.

  • Providing technical and operational application support.
  • Monitoring, updating and supporting business systems: data centers, directory services, intranet and collaboration options, CRM systems, email and VoIP systems, etc..
  • Tracking the performance and security of corporate e-solutions.
  • Administering cloud infrastructures and continuous cloud computing.

Managed IT services : On-demand and proactive management of IT-related operations and maintenance actions.

  • Introducing minor and major upgrades to your business software.
  • IT infrastructure management.
  • Cloud use optimization.
    • Maintenance activities: performance, security, capability, problems, patching, backups.
    • Help desk
    • Virtual CIO (vCIO) services.

Cloud consulting and migration : To achieve higher performance, endurance and cost-effectiveness to your infrastructure and software in cloud atmosphere.

  • Assessing your infrastructure, data and applications.
  • Planning program and data warehouse architectures adapted into the cloud.
  • Deciding on an optimal cloud model and migration plan.
  • Cloud Testing and Deployment.