An Algorithms Are being Deployed to analyse large  Amount of data ,including demographic Information ,social Media Activity ,geographical information, ethinic information, purchase  behaviour ,income data and polling Data to predict voting Patterns and Potential election Outcomes to help political Parties devise and targeted campaign and allocate their resources more effectively.

By using GenAI sharpen their Campaign speeches or translate them into multiple  languages and dialects to creating Digital Avatars of Top leaders as well as generating and detecting their deep fake and Deploying the AI Algorithm for Data Crunching and predictive analysis are counting on  AI like never before score poll to Win.

Converting Fence-sitters:

For instance, Al-powered chatbots are being deployed across various platforms for calling, messaging, search engine interface in terms of first mapping and then deciding on a strategy to convert fence sitters or those who may have voted for other parties in the past.

“A large chunk of money is being spent across the board by all parties in deploying Al to understand this set of voters and figure out how to swing them in their favour,” said the top gun of a digital marketing firm that is working with political parties this election season.

“A large amount of Money is Spent across the board by all parties in deploying the AI to understand this set of Voters and figure out how to swing them in their favour”said the top gunof a digital marketing firm that is working with political  parties this election season.

An Employee of digital marketing firm cited the instance of South-based political party deploying AI and data Analystic to figure out the top main points of voters and win over the Fence-sitters.

Al in politics inevitable:

While the top three to four parties by numbers are learnt to be deploying Al in a big way with digital marketing and branding agencies from North and South emerging as the biggest adopters of Al followed by those from the West while East-based ones lag way behind in the race.

“It is inevitable that Al should find its way into politics. The political elements who don’t use Al will be at a distinct disadvantage and it’s in their interest to use such skills to get an edge over their opponents by analysing opposition campaigns to draw patterns and develop structured playbooks for specific segments of voter blocks,” said Ajit Isaac, managing director, Quess Corp, India’s largest staffing company.

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