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Is MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting a Good Online Business Idea?

As the digitization of businesses are happening, so number of online businesses is also increasing. That is why we are experiencing a surge in eCommerce brands and online shopping activities. Fashion, FMCG and other products are traded via online platform. However, there is one more option to do online business. It is good to start an online venture in hosting segment. Cheap reseller hosting by MilesWeb offers 100% white-labelled services. As a result, resellers can extend their services in delivering web hosting services. 

MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services are a trustworthy and highly-rated web hosting for small business. Their reseller hosting services are helpful for small and medium enterprises. 

Benefits of Reseller Hosting Services

Lower Cost and Expenses

The number of hosting packages and resources are more with MilesWeb and they offer the same at affordable prices. Keeping expenses lower gives users or wholesalers to buy bulk resources at a lower price. Also, you have the freedom from managing technical resources. Resellers can rent out the hosting infrastructure and let technical experts of MilesWeb handles the server job. In less investment of just $4.9/mo. 

2. No Fuss with Uptime

Reselling a server is similar to owning a dedicated server with one significant distinction from buying one oneself. Complex server problems won’t scare customers because the technical support team will assist in resolving them.

3. Total Command of Resources

The reseller plans let you handle all facets of your website by allowing you to regulate disc space use. Additionally, it benefits you with additional space at a low cost and with less upkeep. Some additional features include bandwidth limits, better control over disk storage, etc. Businesses can profit through this as they can have their sites available when required without compromising on disk space.

4. Producing Income

When one acts as a middleman, they receive a commission from new clients that sign up for accounts with the parent host through them. This enables the reseller to profit as well. Since the reseller business may have its own employees to take care of their customers’ demands, the majority of individuals aren’t even aware of whether their host is a reseller or the original host. Do not worry; the reseller company also guarantees greater customer service.

5. More Features Than the Entry-Level Plans

Hosting companies ensure that the reseller has access to their services and client accounts. With complete control over their service, resellers can set up their own store with sections for web hosting items. With this hosting option, resellers can access to several features and allocate to clients their server resources.

6. Access to Control Panel

Parent hosting firms like MilesWeb give resellers access to a control panel so they can easily manage everything. You will receive cPanel/WHM for Linux, and you can agree to receive Plesk Panel access for Windows. Whether a reseller offers a control panel to their clients is up to them.

How MilesWeb helps to online businesses via reseller hosting services?

  • 100% White Labelled

Because we don’t want to act as a barrier between you and your consumers, all of our resale packages come with a 100% white branded system. In order for you to sell the products under your own brand name, the full white label system restricts your merchant company’s exposure to your customers.

  • cPanel Control Panel

Utilize the MilesWeb’s cPanel and help your clients by giving its access. This control panel will help you in managing domains, websites and the web-based interface. With this control panel you have the privilege to monitor the disk usage and bandwidth. As a reseller you can easily manage your clients account. 

  • One-Click installer

There might be some crucial applications that you or your clients are looking to install. MilesWeb offer one-click installer called Softaculous. It is a home of more than 400 applications where users have the freedom to install in just a few clicks.

  • Free Website Builder

By just dragging and dropping elements, themes reseller can develop clients websites. It means there is no requirement of coding or programming skills. Only you have to use your creative brain to build a professional level website in a few time with no extra human resources required.

  • Email Service

Enjoy the access of POP3/IMAP email accounts that gives users the freedom to access email wherever you go. You can setup your professional business email id and get free unlimited accounts to maximize your businesses’ internal communication. 

Wrapping it Up

Reseller hosting services by MilesWeb gives you the freedom to setup your online business within minutes. Actually, you can maximize your recurring income and add one more service in your business model. MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services with SSD NVMe storage servers gives you the freedom to host unlimited domains and resellers can manage the billing activity via WHM software. 


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