Before coming to digital marketing, let us understand what is marketing? Marketing means to aware the customers about the product/services. The main purpose of doing marketing is to ask Where, when, and how does our consumer want to communicate with our business who and why.
The history of digital marketing:
Digital marketing is not so historical, but yes, it was first identified in the late 1990s.
1. The first component that is the “Email Marketing” in digital marketing started in 1971, and Ray Tomlinson was the first person to build a platform in which you can send and receive the emails. (Retrieved from Hello World.
2. In 1990, digital marketing was first considered in this year. At that time, web 1.0 was developed in that you can search across any information about anything, but it would not give you the option to share on the website.
3. In 1993, the first clickable digital ads were introduced, and Hot Wired (First online Magazine) purchased a digital advertisement for their promotion.
4. In 1994, Yahoo was introduced as the first search engine, in which you can search for different things by just typing a keyword.
Coming to Digital marketing, it is nothing new but doing the same thing with the help of technology or by using internet. Digital marketing is much more convenient than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing includes promoting a product through offline channels like billboards ads, radio ads, etc. whereas digital marketing included ads on social media, OTT platforms, Google, etc.

Digital Marketing in UK
There is a huge demand and potential of digital marketing in UK (United Kingdom), do to know there are 66.99million active internet users in UK and also according to thesocialshepherd it is estimated that digital marketing spending will grew to £25.84 billion in 2022. Many of the businesses are using social media to promote their business online (through digital marketing) According to statista, 19.35% of UK marketers are planning to increase their spending on paid social media campaigns. Below are the few states in the UK which are dominant in digital marketing:

Ilford, etc.
Digital marketing would a great tool if you are looking to go for a new height of business. Now let us discuss digital marketing with UK companies example:
Dominos is one of the greatest brands of all time. There is a campaign “Domino’s Anyware” initiated by dominos through social media.
It is a great tool focused not only on the product by also how you order it. The software (available on multiple platforms) is voice-activated, tied with an AI capable of interpreting and understanding what you want.
It really helps in increasing the brand image and also the byproduct i.e. Sale, by this strategy of digital marketing they easily targeted the youth of UK.
There are different types of digital marketing techniques that you can use for your company’s growth in UK.
Cadbury is known for its famous and delicious chocolates and more. They are best in using social media to promote their products.
At the Dairy Milk Facebook page, they have stated a campaign named “Joyville brand”
The winner of this campaign will receive a trip to the Cadbury factory, a year’s supply of Dairy Milk and the chance to be the first to taste new products and the response they receive is just marvelous! They have gained a lot of new customers with the help of this campaign.


Types of Digital marketing strategies that can be useful for companies to market their products and services in UK markets:
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM) means marketing your products or services on the social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It generally involves creating postslike images, videos, infographics, etc.
Social Media Marketing also includes marketing through paid advertisements. There are various social media networks which promote the products/services/post through paid advertisements.

Online Advertisement
Online advertising is the easiest and fastest way to attract customers. Everyone uses the Internet: for communication, information, and consumer satisfaction. Therefore, the most affordable way to find your target audience is to launch advertising on the Internet.
Many types of online advertising work around the clock to grow your business. Unlike traditional types of promotion, online advertising allows you to track the activity and reaction of the consumer and respond in time to changes in demand and target audience actions
If you plan to promote your product in the European and US markets, you need ads on Yahoo and Bing.

Content Marketing
According to Michael Brener –Marketing Insider Group, author of The Content Formula.
“The difference between marketing with content and content marketing is a digital publishing platform that your brand owns. Creating an article for a publisher or an E-book or just an ad these are not content marketing. Content Marketing means committing to publishing content people actually want. On a platform you own.”

Email Marketing
First, let’s discuss the emails; an email is an electronic message that can be delivered to internet. For sending an email, you should have an email, Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Outlook, Yandex, etc. are some examples of email service providers.
Email Marketing refers to the term in which generally companies promote their products via sending emails or electronic messages to the clients.
As there is a huge demand and potential of digital marketing in UK (United Kingdom) 66.99million active internet users in UK, companies like you need to start your digital journey now.

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